Journeys by Jane

Photographer, Media and Marketing Consultant
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Journeys By Jane

Journeys By Jane Wishaw

Jane is a brilliant organiser, strategist, and businesswoman, as proven by her experience as the head of global sales for Burswood International Resort Casino in her capacity of Resort Sales Manager and subsequent promotion to Business Development Manager. During her time at Burswood she won a Telstra Business Woman of the Year award, not to mention being twice awarded Biannual Outstanding Sales and Marketing Person for Australia amongst numerous other accolades.

Today Jane owns and runs a successful business in strategic marketing, special events, public relations, design, writing and photography. Jane’s Locations WA business successfully scouts and site manages state, national and international fi lm and TV commercials. Jane has designed and produced a range of luxury resort clothing, using the natural fi bres of linen, silk and cotton which is sold nationally and internationally.

Clients include: Amcom Telecommunications Ltd, Pilbara Growth Fund Pty Ltd (Patersons Securities Limited), Sealegs, Rivendell Vineyard Villas, Augusta Hillview Project 814, McHenry Hohnen Vintners, Wise Wine, Hopman Cup, Christ Church Grammar School.

Marketing Architectural Development Projects: Photographed, wrote and designed sales material for Small Luxury Hotels of the World, Injidup Spa Retreat; special assignments with Leading Hotels of the World, Karma Group; and Hawaiian’s - special project, interior design, photographed and produced strategic marketing material.

Television commercials /Photoshoots: HBF, Taubmans, Getty and Stone London/New York.

Events/Concerts/PR Marketing for: Summaglo, Jose Carreras, The Beach Boys, Natalie Cole, Jose Padilla, David Bowie (JV), Moonlight - Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett and more.

Multiple national and international commissioned photographic and editorial assignments including those published in: Harpers Bazaar, Gourmet Traveller Wine, Mercedes Magazine, News Limited, Travel Editor – Perth Weekly Magazine, ExPat Living Singapore, Homes and Living, Box, Curve, Mead Living Magazine.

Nature inspires the desire to capture images that evoke our emotions. Contemporary and unique in format and design, these photographs carry the essence of nature’s rich seductive colours, shape and 'play of light' giving the viewer an alluring sense of harmony; an asset in enhancing any room in the home or business environment.

Translating repetitiveness and randomness in nature for example, when you look onto a fern leaf it gives the appearance of being very complex, full of repetitions within repetitions, yet defi ned by simple descriptiveness. Juxtaposed colours sometimes denote warnings, danger, yet at other times, a desire to be attractive.

Nature produces fractals… a graphic representative of a chaotic system – you can see this by taking one shape and repeating it, ad infinitum. Complex yet familiar patterns are produced by patterns that can be de formed, repeated and overlaid with feted edges.

Layers on layers of leaves on the ground or conversely an ivy covered wall, tumbling clouds in the sky, blades of grass, patterns deep within a flower are all complex patterns. By changing both perspective and scale revealing the internal structural elements of nature which are all there not purely for function, but also are incredibly beautiful, we see the essence of nature. It is working with the elements of wind, earth, fi re and water that Jane celebrates her boundless talents. Her discerning eye sees the grace of a lush green leaf holding a single droplet of rain, giving a feeling of jouissance and abundance.

A pearl born from within its shell, a sensual opulescence. Petals of a rich red tulip blowing in the wind of an emotion of romance, a journey into the heart of an orchid a sense of discovery and wonder, and a white shell, spinning on the sea shore casting a spiraling shadow, inviting you into its vortex to share the awesome infi nity at its centre. By translating this biomimicry of nature in architectural form and people within these spaces has seen Jane’s images grace the covers of National

and International Magazines and her work has won multiple international photographic awards, namely NPCI Nikon Japan.

Jane’s extensive global travels sees Spain as one of her inspirational destinations. With similar climatic conditions to that of her home in Western Australia, Spain aff ords a plethora of conspiratorial design. Antoni Gaudi’s iconic design during the Art Nouveau movement away from the conventional, was representative of natural form seen in his refusal to use right angles. Frank Gehry’s design of the Marques de Riscal Winery and the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao are breathtaking in their boundlessness, and sense of weightlessness, in structural freedom. Landscape architect Fernando Caruncho’s repetitive use of trees and plants in his gardening design parallels the symmetry found in nature. Fernando’s integration of foliage fl ow blends the transition of outdoors and indoors.

Millennium over millennium, nature has refi ned and defi ned to perfection functional form with grace and integrity in the oneness of life.

Today, more than ever, with our heightened desire for connectivity with nature, demand is stimulating organic architecture and grounding palates and texture.

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